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Timid Tigers

Not all kittens want to be cuddled and picked up!!!!

At BCWR we are often overwhelmed with people wanting to adopt a kitten.

Often we find that people have a colour, fur length, age and sex preference in mind.
Nearly all our adopters want a kitten that will instantly cuddle and play.

In reality this is not always the case.

Pictured is Carte D’or, Haagen-dazs, Cornetto and Magnum. They are around 11 weeks old.

They are desperate to find their forever home and should be ready in 2 to 3 weeks.
They are playful, happy and healthy.,But right now are not comfortable being cuddled, snuggled or picked up.

This usually comes with time, patience and trust.

If you would be interested in adopting one of our “timid tigers” please complete our online enquiry form to start the adoption process please quote “timid tiger” on your form.