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This is Pen-y-ghent

New arrival @BCWR
This is Pen-y-ghent. This little lady arrived with us yesterday following being found wedged under a car in a busy street near Leeds. Little P had been there for several hours before anyone realised how ill she was and called us for help. Initially, due to the facial trauma, swelling and bleeding we thought that Pen-y-ghent has been involved in a car accident however we now believe this us unlikely.

The other 2 possibilities are that she has either suffered a heavy blow to the head or the more likely situation is that she is somewhat neglected, has horrific dental disease and due to the excruciating pain, bleeding and puss filled gums she has become severely dehydrated.

Pen-y-ghent has now had emergency care, antibiotics, very strong pain relief, is on intravenous fluid therapy and is currently being nursed by volunteers at the rescue throughout the night .

We do not know what the future will hold for Pen-y-ghent as she really is extremely ill, but tonight we believe that she is safe, comfortable and warm.