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Adopting Double Trouble!


We currently have several pairs of kittens looking for a home.

Kittens just love being together; anyone who has watched two kittens play together can see how much they enjoy chasing and playing with each other and then collapsing in a heap together to sleep.

Growing up, they continue to provide vital company for each other – essential if everyone is out of the house for any length of time during the day. All a single kitten in a new home wants is its mum and litter mates.

It is good for kittens to grow up with another member of their own species, as they learn how to be normal cats through playing together – for the same reasons people take puppies to the park or dog classes to socialise with other puppies, and human children are taken to playgroups to mix with other children.

The comfort a pair of kittens gain from each other helps minimise the stress of being rehomed. Many rescued kittens are initially shy and to face a new home on their own could be very frightening. If you already have an adult cat then it is generally easier to introduce a pair of kittens rather than a single kitten – a resident cat will initially be hostile to a new arrival whether kitten or adult, a pair of kittens will stick together, and existing cats can either play with them or leave them as they wish.

Throughout their lives a pair of cats provide companionship for each other. Cats can live 18-20 years and during this time your life is likely to change – a pair of cats who have each other will cope better with events such as home moves, changing working patterns – in particular working longer hours, new cats in the neighbourhood, the arrival of a new baby etc.

Adoption Includes Neutering, First Vaccination, up to date with parasite control, Microchiping, pre adoption health check with our vet and five weeks free insurance.

We request £120 for the pair

To begin your BCWR Adoption Adventure please click the link below and complete the pre adoption enquiry form. Please quote DOUBLE TROUBLE