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Dijon Update

Exactly 6 weeks ago today we were horrified and shocked when little Dijon started hemorrhagic vomiting over 10 times in 15 minutes. It was so alarming and we rushed her to the vets.

Dijons condition rapidly declined and despite the amazing veterinary care she received at Northcote Veterinary Surgery which included multiple blood tests, scans and examinations, she continued to decline.

She spent the best part of 5 weeks on intravenous fluid therapy refusing to eat!

At the point she needed it the most, Dijon was too ill for a oesophageol feeding tube fitting… however there just came a point where we knew the risks … but just had to go ahead anyway.

Since the oesophageol tube was fitted Dijon started to improve…nutrition really is EVERYTHING.

We are delighted to tell you that Dijon is now off intravenous fluid therapy, eating a little and tonight is where she belongs… snuggled up in bed with Flora .

The feeding tube is still in place and we are continuing to supplement Dijons nutrition with Royal Canin Recovery Liquid.