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Billy Whizz Update

Little Whizzy arrived over the weekend presenting with serious injuries.

Today he spent the day at the vets having tests, xrays and examinations.

Whilst he is only the weight and size of a 12 week old kitten, he is developmentally 6-7 months old. ( teeth and bone development).

From the information we were told at the time admission it is believed that Whizzy was chucked out of an upper floor window by a child??

The xrays showed no Bone Injury however there is enough symptoms to suggest that he has significant damage to his spinal cord causing weakness, paralysis and immobility.

Billy Whizz is on pain relief and only time, TLC and intensive nursing will tell if he can recover.

In the meantime we will provide everything he needs.

Thank you to everyone who has already donated towards his care.

If you wish to donate to Billy Wizz and the care he needs here ishow you can help…

* The easiest way to donate is via PayPal using as the recipient. please select the friends and family option so we are not charged a fee.

*you can donate by calling our vets at Northcote and making a card payment. Their telephone number is 01274 632222. Please quote BCWR.

*another way to donate is via a monthly standing order or by bank transfer for individual donations.

You will need the following information to do this:


Sort code: 77.71.62

Acct number: 15692060

We also welcome donations via a cheque.

The rescue address is BCWR, 1 Ashbourne Ave Bradford BD2 4AW.

Cheques are to be made payable to BCWR KITTENS.

Many thanks