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New Arrival: Billy Whizz

This is Billy Whizz .

Little Whizzy was brought to us yesterday by his finders in Manchester as they were unsure how to help him best.

He was found living outside in squalor with other cats and kittens and we are unsure if they are related.

It has been suggested by the neighbours that Whizzy was chucked out of an upper floor window a week ago!

Tragically Whizzy arrived with us with severe mobility issues and we rushed him to the vets for an emergency assessment.

Whilst we are unsure of his actual diagnosis and taking into account the information we have received it is most likely traumatic injury to his legs and or spine … possibly at least 2 broken front legs.

Billy Whizz is currently being nursed by out critical care volunteers, having his nutritional needs met and is on strong pain relief .

Tomorrow his diagnostic will begin with a Catogram… ( full body xrays).