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Aqua, Cyan, Sky and Electric

New arrivals at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary.
These 4 kittens are 6 months old and have had quite a roller coaster start to life.
Due to the nature of their admission to the rescue we cannot divulge the circumstances in which they arrives as there are legal implications… what I can say is that these poor 6 month old girls started their life in the hands of a greedy, unscrupulous breeder who is now facing proceedings to prevent any cats ever going through what these girls did

Aqua, Cyan, Sky and Electric are awaiting veterinary care, neutering and vaccinations before being cosidered for adoption.

We hope to rehome them in pairs whem they are ready.
Little Cyan has lost an eye at an early age due to their breeders negligence.

I cannot respond to any messages regarding adoption .
There is lots of information on our website andinks to.our pre adoption form.