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New Arrival Willy

New arrival yesterday @ Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary.

This is Litttle Willy ( Wee Willy Winky) who is around 8 weeks old.

Willy has been with us just over 24 hours but because we have been so busy Nursing him… we haven’t had time to tell you his story.
Willy was rescued from the streets by another rescue. Unfortunately they could only look after him for around 24 hours then they realised that he was too poorly and that they didn’t have time to care for him .

We rushed Willy up to the vets yesterday afternoon as we knew he was very unwell. He has severe soft tissue injury to his shoulder, is very dehydrated, has a very high temperature, and has a dreadfully swollen eye, most certainly due to trauma. In addition he is also full of fleas causing anemia.

Willie’s is currently on our critical care ward in one of our intensive care units and us receiving pain relief, antibiotics and is on intravenous fluid therapy.
He is very frightened however is being a very brave boy and letting us nurse and care for him.