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Union Jack Update

Who remembers Union Jack arriving at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary on the 1st June.

Union Jack was believed to be around 4 months old and was rescued by housing officers when they entered an abandoned property.
U.J . was living in what can only be described as a drugs den and has been exposed to heroin, crack coccaine, cannabis, needles, asbestos and has also been in a fire.

In the last 6 weeks UJ has vastly improved against all the odds . His weight has almost doubled, he has been neutered and today had very extensive dental surgery.
It is now more evident that UJ has given narcotic substance in his youth…. most likely heroin.
We have never seen teeth so badly damaged in such a young cat… which is identical in heroin substance users
Today 9 teeth were removed… leaving him with just 4 teeth.
Union Jacks legs are still stained due to the filthy conditions he was previously living in.

Despite all this we are now planning for Union Jacks future.
We are now starting to to plan the future for this little scruffy gummybear, with yellow legs… and more importantly an adorable personality.