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Aslan Update

🧡Aslan update🧡
It’s exactly one week since Aslan underwent life changing surgery.

He had bilateral entropion surgery. This means that he had surgery on both eyes to stop his eyelashes running on the surface of his eyes all the time causing immeasurable pain and discomfort!

The surgery was intricate and involved a slither of skin being removed from around the eye and stitched to correct the inverted eyelid. This surgery is not always successful however he has had his one week post surgery check today and one of our very own super vets “Gemma” has done an amazing job thanks to her skills, knowledge, competence, and above all compassion.

In the future Aslan will possibly need further surgery but for now he is doing brilliantly.
Thankyou to everyone who has supported Aslans care🧡

We are monitoring him for the next few weeks and months to ascertain if he will need further surgery, so Aslan is not currently being considered for adoption xx