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Mouse Update

Little Mouse has been with just 5 days. Mouse was an owned pet bought on-line alongside her brother just before Christmas.

Unfortunately over Christmas Mouse became very ill and her family sought advice from the emergency vets however were unable to afford the costs so opted for self-treatment at home. Unfortunately Mouse’s condition had significantly worsened prior coming to us as she is was Hypothermic (31c), Hypoglycemic 1.4mmol/L, Anorexic and under weight 0.31g, dehydrated and anaemic. She was just barely conscious and also has diahorrea.

Mouse has been receiving emergency and intensive care around the clock and initially we felt her help may have come a little too late however Mighty Mouse is a little fighter and all her current observations and vital signs are within normal limits. She has also gained over 50% of her bodyweight in just 5 days.

Due to her being so ill on arrival and still having serious concerns regarding her eyes we are continuing with the 24 hour care on our Critical Care Ward. Mouse is not currently being considered for adoption.