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Aslan Update

Who remembers Aslan who came to us 58 days ago?
In that time he has had major entropion surgery on both eyes to correct his “ingrowing eyelashes” which were scratching the surface of his eyes ALL THE TIME causing great pain and distress.

Over the last few weeks Aslan has recovered from that surgery and and is now preparing for “revision surgery” in the next few weeks. Revision surgery basically puts the “finishing touches” together to acheive 100% success and was always likely after the 1st intricate surgery. Aslan is so lucky as yesterday he left the busy rescue environment and has found himself with an amazing foster family who can give him all the care, enrichment and love that he needs and deserves.

For the first time we have seen Aslan playing with toys and loving life. Aslan will settle into his foster home prior to surgery and we really hope for complete healing for our King. We are so grateful for all our amazing fosterers providing a home from home environment.