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Rosa Update

Rosa was a very brave girl again today at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary. Rosa has been to Northcote Veterinary Surgery again to see her friends who are supporting her care. The entire practice is rooting for her eventual recovery.

At each stage of the healing process her plan of care is reviewed and today we have trialled some new (and very expensive ) silicone dressings to aid her healing. We hope that these dressings will be appropriate for the next few weeks. We have lots of these dressings at the moment.

We are also trialing a natural solution to try and breakdown the hideous epoxy resin stuff on her face. This involves packing her eyes with drops then painstakingly bathing the solution on to the affected areas with a cotton bud.

We all agree that Rosa is one of the most seriously injured cats we have looked after at the Sanctuary and this is having a serious detrimental effect on our resourses.

Look out for our “Raise it for Rosa” fundraising events in the coming weeks. Thank you to everyone who supports us.