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Winter Update

❄️Winter Update❄️
It’s exactly 7 weeks since I was presented with a kitten at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary that was minutes from death, unconscious, so cold her temperature was undetectable , blood glucose so low with goodness knew what injuries.
The way she arrived was certainly incompatible with life.
Over the last 7 weeks we have pieced together a picture of her most serious health concerns and dealt with them accordingly.

❄️A serious head injury resulting in irreparable brain damage and blindness.
❄️2 broken limbs
❄️Seizures from the brain damage- likely to be on medication for the rest of her life to manage this.
❄️Left outside in sub zero temperatures and rain…. causing hypothermia, resulting in organ failure.
❄️Starvation- resulting in malnutrition, Dehydration and hypoglycaemia.

❤️Winter is still having occassioal seizures which is to be expected.
❤️She is eating really well and putting weight on every day.
❤️She is relient on medication, with strict timing regime.
❤️ Winter has compromised mentation wicj means she doesnt alwas get things right, such as using the littertray.

Winter is a true miracle and without everyone’s support, the volunteers and of course our amazing friends ay Northcote Veterinary Surgery .. Winter would not have come this far.
❤️Thank you to everyone who supports us❤️