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Rosa Update

Little Rosa has now been with us at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary for 7 days.

We really did not expect her to survive the first 12 hours let alone one week later. In the first 24 hours it was not clear how severe her injuriesshe were then as we began to remove the vile substance whe was caked in which initially we believed was mud we then realised it was much more sinister.
She has been having dressing changes every day, sometimes twice a day. Rosa has had daily reviews with our vets and nurses at Northcote Veterinary Surgery.

Today is the first day we can actually see a little improvement in her wounds. Rosa is on strong pain relief, antibiotics, and intravenous fluids too.
We are not entirely sure what extent her eyes are damaged and the most perplexing fact is how little damage there is in her mouth.

The worst of her injuries are on her “wash points” yet it’s strange that her mouth is relatively healthy.
This leads me to suspect that she had had a substance on her which SOMEONE has attempted to remove with a highly corrosive substance or worse still this has been an act of cruelty and has been a non accidental incident.

We will never know the truth (because people rarely tell us the true account) however every hour of every day we will fight for her healing, restoration and recovery.

We have months and months of nursing ahead of us and this is what we will focus on.