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Aslan’s 2nd Surgery

Our Little Lion is back at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary. You may remember Aslan arriving with us 12 weeks ago. He had really poorly eyes and could hardly see due having a condition called ‘bilateral entropion’ which is the inward rolling of his eyelids. This meant that his lashes rubbed on the surface of his eyes all the time which is really painful.

His eyes were unfortunately quite severe and most of the lower lid on both sides was badly affected. He needed major intricate surgery to correct this, free him from pain and save his sight.

Today Aslan had the 2nd planned surgery on his eyes to make things they best they possibly can be for him and was super successful.

Unfortunately, as well as the corrective eye surgery Aslan also needed dental work doing as his mouth was dreadfully painful and inflamed. The dental surgery was far more extensive than we first believed and 13 teeth NEEDED to be removed. A 1 year old cat should NOT be requiring such extensive dental work and we think this was down to a very inadequate diet and poor nutrition prior to coming to the Sanctuary 3 months ago.

Todays surgery cost us around £600. If you would like to contribute to Aslan’s (hopefully final) all the ways you can help are on our donate page.

❤️❤️❤️ Aslan is not currently looking for his forever family as we now need him to recover from all the surgery he has had and assess what home would be suitable for this sweet, affectionate yet troubled boy.❤️❤️❤️