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New Arrival: Gracie

New arrival at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary, this is gorgeous Gracie. Gracie came to us a couple of days ago. She was an owned pet however her family could not continue looking after her.

Gracie is 10 years old and around 6 months ago she “suddenly struggled to walk”. Gracie was seen by our vets at Northcote Veterinary Surgery who have given her a thorough examination and blood tests.

She has pupil disparity, is slow to react, ataxic and rather undernourished too. Her blood tests showed anaemia and signs of infection.

It is our best guess that she has suffered a traumatic brain injury 6 months ago which has affected the function of her Brain/Central Nervous System.

We will continue to monitor Gracie whilst supporting her nutritionally and giving her antibiotics too. In the future we hope to find her a retirement home to enjoy her twilight years.