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Badger Update

Since Badger’s arrival his condition has become much more settled.
His camera (“BadgerCAM”)is still in situ and we are still alerted everytime he moves.

He has undergone a series of investigations and tests and is now on trial medication to see if it improves things.
Seizures are very traumatic to witness and many have you expressed concern, advice, and information about Badgers condition.
I can assure you that he is receiving the best care possible in his adapted environment.

Prior to coming BCWR Badger, has been having regular seizures for many years, mostly which have been untreated and undiagnosed.
His seizures have been violent prolonged over the years.
When a cat has a single seizure lasting 2 to 3 minutes, this can cause brain damage.
When a cat has a single seizure lasting 5 minutes, this WILL cause brain damage.
When a cat has a seizure lasting 5-7 minutes, plus this WILL cause serious brain damage.
When a cat has 3 seizures in 24 hours of any length or severity, this is known as clustering.
This also WILL cause serious brain damage.

Poor Badgers brain must be “fried” with the 1000s of seizures he has had over the years.
We believe his eyesight isn’t brilliant, and his responses and reflexs are slow.
His initial blood tests show various concerns including issues with his liver, which means, due to the medication he is prescribed, he must have blood tests every 7 to 10 days to check he isn’t becoming toxic or causing further damage to his liver.

If you would like to support Badgers care, you can see all the ways to donate page.

Many thanks