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This is Beautiful Badger.
8 year old Badger was very much a loved owned pet however the family home he lived in was fast becoming unsuitable for his needs.

Badger has undiagnosed seizures, and the triggers are not known .
Badger is now in our surveillance unit and there is a camera that triggers an alarm on my phone at the SLIGHTEST movement.

Yep, when he gets up to eat, has a wash… probably when he yawns too🤣….. but it is vitally important that we can monitor him and recognise when he is having a seizure, in the hope we can build a pattern and source the most effective treatment.

But we have just had to seek emergency veterinary advice.

Badger has just had a violent seizure caught on camera I havent posted it here as its traumatic to see.

His veterinary care is underway, a plan is in place and he is safe, settled and comfortable.

We are appealing for a couple of sets of “Cot Bumpers” and a Waterproof Cot Matteress to provide protection from injury during a seizure.

If any one has an unused Cot Bumper and / or waterproof Mattress and could drop off at the rescue ASAP we would be very grateful. Our address is 1 Ashbourne Avenue, Bradford, BD24AW