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Baked Bean Update

Baked Bean has been with us just over a year and as you can see in the video she has severe Cerebellar Hypoplasia.

Over the year BB has come on literally on leaps and bounds…. and a few stumbles along the way.
BB is a cheeky,endearing, loving, yet mischievous “wobble – muffin” and has very much become whole heartedly part of the SENSE Cat Family here @BCWR.

Over the last week we have become increasingly concerned about BBs health.
She has started having moderate tonic clonic seizures totally out of the blue.
After blood tests and other investigations little BB has been prescribed medication to try control the seizures.

Most cats respond well to to epilepsy medication however with Baked Bean living with Cerebellar Hypoplasia we are entering into the unknown.

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We will do weekly updates on Baked Beans progress so you can follow her journey.
Many thanks