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Cyril Update

18 year old Cyril has been with us for 4 weeks now following being in 2 fires … the first fire is where his owner sadly died.

For the initial 3 weeks at the rescue he was intensively nursed at the rescue, on intravenous fluids and often syringe fed.
We are delighted ow that Cyril has now moved out of intensive care and is now on a Palliative Pathway.

This means that every single day for the rest of his life we will ensure he is free from pain, his life will be full of love, kindness and enrichment.

Cyril loves to sit in the sunshine too.
The most important part of Cyrils current care is is nutritional support.

Cyril is now on Royal Canin Sensitivity Control pouches.

This is very expensive to buy from amazon however is a little more economical from online retailers such as Zooplus.

If you would like to support Cyril you can have his food directly to the rescue.
Our address is 1 Ashbourne Avenue, Bradford BD2 4AW
Thankyou for your continued support. Xxx