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Bambi Update

Here at BCWR as well as rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming we also have many cats who live at the rescue on a permanent basis based on their disability or enduring care needs.
These cats are known as the “Rescue Rangers”.

We currently have 25 Rescue Rangers and we have created a safe environment for them so they can live in and around the home and garden of the rescue as they choose.

This is Beautiful Bambi.
Bambi is 10 years old and has been at the rescue for five and a half years.
When Bambi arrived with us she could barely move. She flipped like a mermaid and eventually she learnt how to walk.

We believe that her severe disability is the result of a neurological birth defect coupled with the fact that her bones and muscles were never “built properly”.

Initially she walked backwards only and then she learnt to walk forwards using all her limbs.
During the last 5 years Bambi has been a joy to live and work with.
She is such a sweet, gentle girl.

In the last few days Bambi has been experiencing distressing episodes which she is currently under investigations for.
We may not get a full and complete diagnosis however we are confident that when all the results are collated and analysed we will be able to relieve some of the symptoms.

We will keep you posted on Bambi’s condition and will be doing regular updates on her progress.
Thankyou for your continued support.