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Bambi Update 2

Many of you will have seen a recent post about Bambi, one of our permenant residents here at BCWR.
Bambi has a multitude of birth defects and neurological issues.
Bambi has recently started having bizarre episodes of rigidity, partial loss of consciousness and involuntary movements.
All these symptoms are likely to be progressive.

Bambi has undergone a few tests and the results were, as expected, not able to give a clear diagnosis.
For the time being Bambi had been prescribed a very high dose of steroids in the hope this may reduce inflammation detected in the blood tests.
The inflammation is likely to be in her brain. This may be a transient condition or could be a cancer or another cause.

We will be monitoring Bambi very closely and have even installed a camera that we have called BamCam that will detect and alert us to movement, so we are alerted to a few false alarms as well as episodes.

Bambi also uses bed pads to help her with her incontinence issues during these episodes.
We are not ruling out other treatments to help her although we can only try one at a time to eliminate what does and doesn’t work.

We will keep you all posted on her progress.