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BCWR Breaking News: UK’s First  Feline Pilates Class

BCWR  Breaking News… UK’s First  Feline Pilates  class was lead by rescue resident Scooter this afternoon. Salsa, Mambo, Patience and Tippy followed Scooters lead in the session. 

For those that dont know, Scooter is  one of our SENSE Resident Cats.  Scooter is almost 5 years old and has been in the rescue since he was 12 weeks old, when he was found dumped in the carpark of a vets. 

Scooter, in essence, has front legs on his back legs and they are upside down. This was caused by inbreeding.  Despite his disability, Scooter is amazing, he can run, jump, climb and play like any other cat, even if at times he looks like Billy Elliott.