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Breakfast News: Tour of our Home

So its quiet morning here at BCWR.
Here at the “Home of the Rescue”.
No volunteers, no visitors just the cats the sunshine and the birds singing in the trees. (and the boy racer in the black car tearing up the avenue).

At the home of our rescue we are currently looking after 25 cats. The remaining cats and kittens are all in foster care with volunteer families. With strict restricted movements imposed by the government last night we are in this for the long haul.

I, like many others, received my text and letter yesterday stipulating that I must remain at home for the next 12 weeks.. and I will.

As a nation we were addressed last night by Boris stating for the next 3 weeks EVERYONE must remain at home as much as possible.

When you are at home or in the garden appreciate the sounds, the colours, the patterns on the leaves, the birds singing and of course… your kitties too.

We can do this. We would love to see what your cats are up to during this period of Restricted Movemets. Remember… if anyone fancies chat here is my number 07942822509

We are in this together