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BCWR Update


Regrettably over the last few weeks, the entire rescue volunteer network has been affected by adversity, illness and grief.

When one volunteer or a member of their family becomes ill, this has a domino affect on the running of the rescue.

Unfortunately several volunteers have been affected, not just by coughs, colds and covid, but also serious illness, stress and bereavement.

You may have noticed fewer posts on our social media platforms, less updates on our new admissions, adoption news and day to day life here at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary.

In all honesty we have really struggled physically, emotionally and financially both in rescue life and for many volunteers in our personal lives too. This resulted in total burnout.

We apologise for the lack of communication and hope this will vastly increase over the next few weeks.

Due to our internal adversities we have not been able to fundraise and host events both online and at the rescue… which has left a huge and worrying dent in our finances.

We currently owe just over £8k at our vets which is a huge burden….. especially in the current cost of living climate that we are all experiencing.

From now till the end of the year, we hope to host a couple of events at the rescue, run online competitions raise some much needed funds to help clear our worrying back log of debt, which we hope you will support us in.

As we move in to the cooler season our main 2 rescue goals are to increase our food supplies and funds.

❤️We hope that you will walk with us and help us to restart the heart at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary ❤️