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Parsnip’s Forever Home

Who remembers Parsnip who came to us at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary several weeks ago following being aggressively thrown at a wall by his owner causing psychological and physical injuries…..

Once he was ready to leave intensive care on our Critical Care Ward we felt he would thrive in a loving foster home with one of our volunteers….
Here is a heart warming Tail with a Happy Ending for Parsnip and his foster family….
Written by his new mum.

❤️The beginning of 2022 proved extremely difficult for me, my loyal companion Toby a miniature Yorkie, whom I’d had for 17 ½ years crossed the rainbow bridge and left an empty hole in my heart. I then found out my husbands’ cancer had returned in a more aggressive form.

I was extremely lost, especially without Toby to help me through this worrying and difficult time.

6 months on, I was unsure if I was ready to own another pet so I thought fostering would be the right fit. I witnessed the truly amazing, selfless job Katie and the team do at BCWR&S and knew I would love to help. I contacted BCWR&S and Katie phoned me to say a skinny little kitten called Parsnip had been brought into the rescue by the who had recovered him from a house where he had been badly treated.

Well, it’s safe to say, after only a few days I instantly fell in love with this gentle, affectionate soul. We have been each other’s therapy and he has got me through some darks days as I’m sure I have him. My 1st foster has been a ‘foster fail’, but I will continue to support Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary and help give other cats a fighting chance like little Parsnip ❤️