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Beacon Update

We have been nursing Baby Beacon at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary for the last 5 weeks in intensive care on our Critical Care Ward.

Beacon has had very complicated bowel issues, had several enemas every few days because he simply cannot poop.

Beacon was referred to specialists at Paragon Referals to determine the cause of this unusual issue.

Today Beacon was up bright and early and admitted for general ananesthesia to enable contrast xrays, and further complex examination.

It transpires that Beacon has a very rare condition called Atresia Ani, which simply means there is no effective route for the poop to be eliminated.
The anus is malformed.
This is a serious birth defect and in all known cases is a result of incestuous breeding..

As a rescue we will try anything to save a life however we are acutely aware that in a few cases despite our amazing veterinary experts and advances, this is not possible.

We are very saddened to announce that we had to make a heart felt and difficult decision this lunchtime . The only way be could help Beacon was to eleviate his suffering, accept that ahead of him he has no quality of life and we had to have Beacon put to rest .

We want to thank every one who sent donations to help Beacon. … we are just so sorry and sad that the outcome wasn’t brighter.