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Why Can It Be Hard to get a Vet Appointment?

Have you ever wondered why it’s sometimes hard to get an appointment with a vet? Or why a practice cannot take on new clients?

The reason is so many good vet’s are sadly leaving the profession.

85% of vets report that either they or a member of their team have felt intimidated by a client’s language or behaviour, according to statistics revealed by BVA to mark National Work Life Week (2 – 6 October).

In the uk vets have the highest suicide rate than any other profession.

Over the last few years there has been a massive increase in the pet population, mainly due to the Pandemic, yet a decline in the number of practicing Veterinary Surgeons, which has resulted in the demand for veterinary care has far outgrown the supply available.

Ever wondered why it’s costing a little more to see your vet?

The rising cost of living does not discriminate.
Vets are experiencing a dramatic increase in their expenditure too.

Energy bills, insurance, drugs, fuel, clothing, equipment Bio Security …… the list goes.

We need to look after our amazing vets.

If you are privileged to own an amazing pet, next time you speak to your vet, remind them how brilliant they are, tell the nurses and VCA that you are so grateful for all they do and remind the reception team what a fabulous job they do and thank them for squeezing you in.

All in all…. just be kind💚