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This is little Bella-Dust

Bella was found off canal Road yesterday by a works yard.

She is extremely emaciated, dehydrated, full of fleas… like I have NEVER seen before and the worst case of anaemia we have ever witnessed in the rescue.

Bella has been seen by our vets twice.

Yesterday she could barely stand up as she was so weak…. she is literally skin and bone.

The vets couldn’t get a cannula in as she was so anaemic and couldn’t risk taking bloods as she literally needs every red blood cell that she possesses .

Today Bella Dust has been reviewed at the vets and whilst she is a little brighter … her condition is pretty much the same.

We will continue to care for her around the clock, feed her, give fluids and glucose as necessary and hope that soon she will turn a corner.

Whilst Bella Dust has no microchip we think that we may have located her owner… and if this is the same cat, she has been missing 3 months.

Unfortunately they are currently on holiday and we won’t be able to confirm this until they are back this weekend.