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On the 5th of July we announced that we had made a huge decision to rescue a paralysed cat from Dubai…. well tonight she will start her journey to the UK and she is Currently waiting to board the plane in UAE.

In Dubai, rescue centres are not permitted and only individuals can rescue animals however this is illegal and those that rescue them in that country face either heavy fines or even deportation.

Sadly in Dubai there are so many cats in need and our attention was been drawn to this little 6 – 7 month old kitten

It is believed that Manisha has been in a road traffic collision and was left for dead.

Manisha has serious injuries and is also paralysed.

When I asked the ladies in Dubai what would happen to Manisha if we could not rescue her, we received the following responses.

💚”Euthanasia . Probably they will keep for a while in the clinic if no one offer home pts.
💚In the past cats with Fiv they pts but now we are sending over sea .
💚Similar cases like manisha are let on gardens or street until die”
💚”Yes there are no rescue centres at all, they are illegal. Independent rescuers have to rescue stray and injured cats secretly. It’s even illegal to feed the street cats. The rescuers risk huge fines (and deportation) for feeding and rescuing cats.
💚The scary thing is the government encourages breeding and there are places called animal markets where breeders take their cats and kittens to be sold 🥺
💚Fundraising is also illegal.”
💚” Rescuers in United Arab Emirates rely on volunteers in the uk and europe to raise money to help pay for huge vet bills, neuters, vaccinations etc.”
💚”The government see the street cats as vermin and if too many people complain about a colony they will call pest control in. The street cats will be collected and deposited in a desert area with no food and water and will be allowed to starve/dehydrate to death. Horrific 😿 “
💚”Honestly without a rescue involved manisha would not be around long that is the true reality😔”
💚” In animal market when animals get sick no one will treat them they just put beside the trash for easy collect.”
💚”The government have a limited tnr in some areas only but unfortunately they will return fast the cats and many of them are dying as surgeries open or get infected . We can not complain as this is government property”
💚”This is story of the real condition of the street cats. They are so many everywhere. Too many loose then eyes because infection and no place for them .I have 3 kittens eith only one eye founded in less than 3 days and some of them with missing limbs
💚”People just pass and no one help. I was late to rescue a kitten and a guy just smash with his shoes , very few people care about animals. Is always the same question why waste money on animals and not on people”

As you can imagine, receiving these responses was truly shocking.

We are excited about meeting Manisha in hopefully just 24 hours and that she can build a life surrounded with love here at BCWR.