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Bilbo Update

Bilbo update.
Many of you will have seen poor Bilbo yesterday who arrived with us desperately ill, bleeding from the mouth and severely dehydrated and pale.

Bilbo had a relatively comfortable night with us last night.

I stayed with him all night, giving him lots of love and monitoring his condition and intravenous fluid therapy.
Today he returned to the vets so we could gain a full clinical picture.


🐾FIV +

🐾Horrific dental disease causing bleeding from the gums.

🐾Ureic Ulcers down the throat .

🐾Kidney failure.

🐾Severely Anaemic (you can see in the photo below that his blood is very watery and has hardly any red blood cells).

I am very saddened to say that Bilbos’ suffering could only be relieved through the heartbreaking decision to allow him to be Put To Rest.

This decision is never taken lightly at BCWR and is only done as an absolute last resort once all other options have been exhausted.

This poor boy has suffered due to human neglect.. 2 simple and painless procedures would have prevented all this suffering, illness and premature death.