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Blitzen’s Plea

Blitzen got adopted today! But he has a plea for you all as well..

Less than 4 weeks ago this beautiful boy was brought into our rescue. Many of you, like us were shocked at the state Blitzen had got into. After months of neglect and ignorance he soon recovered from this horrific state.Blitlen had a tooth root abcess and following surgery, intensive care and lots of love he is fully recovered… and today he found his Forever Family.

When you feed stray cats you are offering them a safety net, a place of comfort and trust…. If you are feeding stray cats, feeding alone is not enough.

A feeder of a poorly or injured stray cat can ring the RSPCA on 03001234999 and ask for a log number as you have a stray injured cat that needs a vet urgently.

Once obtained, ring the vet you’re going to go to, to check they will treat with the rspca log number….. most vets do, and arrange a time to visit the vet.

The log number will ensure that assessment and emergency care is given therefore minimising sufferingA feeder of a healthy stray must have attempted to find an owner and ideally have had the cat microchip scanned and put a paper collar on the cat asking an owner to ring….if there is one. After a couple of weeks trying to find an owner then can get it neutered.

Feeders of stray cats can call Northcote vets 01274 632222 or Cats Protection 0345 1947292 for help with neutering on if in any BD postcodes except BD13 which is covered by Halifax and Huddersfield branch. They also cover LS4, 12, 13, 18 to 21 and 28 and 29. Cats Protection will try to help neuter as many stray cats as possible however your contribution towards this is greatly appreciated.