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The First Miracle of 2020

Today, CC has surprised us all. As you can see in the photos against the odds she is coming on in leaps and bounds.


After months of trying , trials and training here you can see CC nibbling her first morsels of kitten food with her new love “Fangs”.

We are under no illusion and by no means will the miniscule amount she actually swallowed independantly sustain her… however its a start and we are over the moon!!

CC will continue with her 2 bottles of recovery a day which is syringed over 4 meals. She now is 26 weeks old and weighs 2.11kg, when she arrived she was less than 300g.

Apart from having no eyes, unable to eat on her own and various physical abnormalities she has now grown into a very cheeky and playful kitten. The cost of feeding CC per day has now increased to over £24 and will certainly remain so for the forseeable future.