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Bluebell Update

Bluebell arrived with us a couple of weeks ago.
At just 4-6 weeks old she is such a poorly little girl.

She clearly had severe cat flu affecting her breathing, nose, throat & eyes.
She also presented with a poorly leg.

Up until recently she has been too weak & vulnerable to fully assess as she needed xrays to gain a full picture of her injuries.

Whilst still very poorly the vet decided it was best to give her a touch of anesthetic, x-ray & examine her more closely.

The results were horrifying.

Just about every bone below her patella (knee) is broken.
Her tibia, fibula, tarsus & metatarsals are all broken.
In addition to the broken bones her eyes are so badly damaged & not fully developed.
We’re not sure how she has developed such injuries however it is possible that she has been stood on or encountered a blunt force.

The plan for Bluebell for is to provide nutritional support, strong pain relief, antibiotics & eye medication in the hope that in around 6 weeks she may be strong enough for more detailed xrays.

In the long term it is likely Bluebell will require surgery to amputate her irreparable leg & maybe enucleation of one or both eyes.

The most important thing right now for Bluebell is quality of life, love & comfort.

Today she is, bright, playful, has just started eating herself in-between the syringe feeding & has been affectionately renamed “BlueHell” as she really is a little tinker.

With every bone broken in her lower leg we cannot believe how active she is.
Bluebell has a long road to recovery but she certainly has the determination to fight all the way.
She has already had an anesthetic for x-rays & is currently on antibiotics & very strong pain relief.
It is most likely in the weeks to come that her badly broken leg will need amputation & may need surgery on her poorly eyes too.
If you would like to support Bluebells care all ways you can help are on our Donate web page: