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Looking for a Home: Fiona and TT

Sweet Fiona came to us earlier this year, pregnant having been on the street. We have limited history for her, we know that she has never had a safe place to live and a home and family to call her own.

Fiona gave birth to 2 kittens, then surprised us with a third kitten 48 hours later on 28th February with the birth of TT who is the little black and white one.

Fiona and one of her kittens, TT, have a particularly close bond, so they are looking for their perfect home together. TT has been identified as having Cerebellar Hypoplasia and hasa slight “wobble” which doesn’t stop him from getting about, playing, using a litter tray or enjoying a good cuddle, but means they will be looking for a safe, indoor home.

Fiona is around 3 years old, a sweet, affectionate girl, whose foster carer describes her as enjoying a fuss and spending plenty of time curled up sleeping when she’s not playing with TT or giving him a good clean!

If you think you could offer Fiona and 10 week old TT a loving, indoor home, please complete our adoption enquiry form, and quote ref: Fiona & TT

We are hoping they will find their forever home together this weekend.