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As a rescue we fully understand the difficulties sometimes that rescue face, financial, physical, emotional and we have a zero tolerance to and abuse, and intimidation.

We are run by volunteers.
We do not have an army of “staff” monitoring everything posted on our social media platforms.
What we do have is a team of dedicated VOLUNTEERS providing 24 hour support and care to cats in the greatest need.
We will not be pulled into disputes from other rescues, nor will we be accused of facilitating online spats.
We do not have time for this pettiness and our primary focus is to look after the cats in our care, followed by our own ” self care”.

Any intimidation will be dealt with appropriately … usually by deleting and blocking the person’s involved.
What people choose to post is beyond our control… its how we react to it that remains in our control.
Other rescues work differently to us , for example we do not charge a fee to take a cat in from a deceased owner…. or any owner, however we do ask for an adoption donation … which includes neutering, 1st vaccination, flea and formed up to date, 5 weeks free insurance and microchipping…but this makes them no more or less than us.

Every rescue works in a way that works for them… if you don’t like it …. don’t affiliate yourself with them.

Different is ok….