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TF has been with us now for 9 days.

He is 12+ years old and his owners were too old and frail to understand that TF was poorly and needed veterinary attention.

When he was brought to us by his owners carer he was terribly lethargic, dehydrated and generally in poor health.

A few blood tests later revealed that Tommy Fangs has diabetes, which is complicated by hyperthyroidism.

A few days ago TF developed breathing issues and an xray was done which revealed a small lesion at the tip of his heart.

Despite all these complications we feel that TF is looking and feeling much better.
Since his diabetes diagnosis we have been pricking his ears several times a day, at one point every hour for over 24 hours to test his blood glucose levels.

Finally with many sleepless nights later, a lot of support from our vets and with a great deal of tweaking of his insulin dose we think we are finally stabilising TF diabetes.

We hope to also wean him off his intravenous fluids over the next 2 to 3 days too.
Every time we test TF-s Blood Glucose we use a special machine specifically for dogs and cats and specific test strips to go with the machine.
These test strips provide accurate readings.
Unfortunately they also come at quite a cost.
Each strip costs around £1.00.
Once stabilised we will still need to test 3x a day.

Would you like to donate towards Tommmy Fangs diabetes control?
You can donate a days Blood Glucose Testing for TF for just £3.00.
If you would like to donate towards the vet care at the rescue there are several ways you can do this on our Donate page:

Many thanks