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Thumper’s Photo Diary

Thumper arrived 12 months ago today…. here is her story and photo diary….

Thumper was 6 years old when she arrived with us.
A few days previous we received her referral from a vets in Hendon near London and and one year ago today today she arrived with us.

Poor little Thumper has had quite an ordeal …. she was brutally attacked by another animal, probably a dog and when she presented at the vets she had a necrotic wound to her fore limb which resulted in amputation and following CT IMAGING , this revealed a crush injury – a non surgical fracture to her lumbar spine.

She had no function of her hind limbs however when she arrived we were hopeful that once all the swelling reduces and the bones repair, she would regain function of her hind limbs- but there were no guarantees.

We had a long road to recovery together including intensive physiotherapy on all 3 limbs- which began on day 1.

Thumper was the most seriously injured cat we had nursed throughout the pandemic period…. and just look at her now…

She hops around the home and garden of BCWR and is as agile as any of our other more able cats.
She is such a sweet girl and is currently tucking into her supper.