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Bluebell Update

Bluebell update.
Baby Bluebell has been with us now 7 weeks

When she arrived with us was full of flu, could barely breathe was in terrible pain and weighed just over 300g.

With every bone broken in her lower leg we cannot believe how active she has been throughout her recovery.

Her prognosis was very much guarded and we were expecting amputation of her leg and bilateral enucleation of the eyes.
As it has turned out this little bloody trooper has defied science, proved us all wrong, even the vets …And her little leg has healed…. whilst it is not perfect and the bone structure is a little wonky, it has knit together rather well.

With regards to her badly damaged eyes resulting from flu, these have healed really well, are both functioning to degree and there is absolutely no need to consider any further surgery.

In the near future Bluebell will be looking for her forever home which must be strictly indoors and she will be very content with another cat.

A massive thankyou to everyone who supports our work which enables us to help kittens like Bluebell.

In addition a huge thanks to the whole team at Northcote Vets, and a special thanks to David at the vets for building such an amazing multidisciplinary team who are dedicated, compassionate and carry a wealth of skills and experience.