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Strawberry, Blueberry and Raspberry

New arrivals @ BCWR  today.

This is Strawberry, Blueberry and Raspberry. This little trio was found by an “off duty” police officer who believes  they were dumped. The kittens are less than 2 days old and are being looked after  around the clock, fed every hour, toileting and kept warm.

Our little “Fruit kittens” take our total number of kittens being handreared to 14,  all under 4 weeks old …. day and night they are fed, loved and looked after.

🍼🍼🍼Our DAILY BOTTLE COUNT 🍼🍼🍼 now stands at 73 bottles of formula are made up every 24 hours.!!! That’s a lot of bottles …. and a lot of feeding!!

is such a terrible indicator that  there are so many male and female cats out there needlessly procreating.

The prognosis for these kittens is not great. They should not be motherless.

We are often asked about  placing orphan kittens with surrogate mothers however we do not advocate the practice of handing out orphaned kittens to poor mums who are already under such an enormous strain raising their own babies.

Not only is this unfair on mum it  also carries a huge risk of cross infection. Many feline diseases lie dormant for several weeks or months before symptoms present.  Im saddened that any poor cat has to go through the trauma of conception, pregnancy and birth. ❤These kittens are far too young and fragile to be considered for adoption and we will not be responding  to any adoption  enquiries regarding this little family for at least the next 9 weeks.❤