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Bottle Babies Update

How time flies… another week passes… and these 4 kittens have been with us three weeks now.

When they arrived they were only hours old… and now look at them! Moving around, eyes open, growing and putting weight on every day. Over the last week, we have not been without our concerns and at some point 3 of the kittens have refused feeds, ranging from refusing a single feed, and one of the kittens, little Wish, would not take her bottle for 72 hours which required a great deal of nurturing and nursing.

Valiant is by far the chunkiest monkey whilst Petite Promise has small feeds very (and too) often. Desire is generally a little guzzler, however last week even she had an off day.

Over the last 48 hours they have all been little angels and the daily weight increases prove this. In around a weeks time we hope to begin the long (and messy) weaning stage which does not replace the milk formula 3 hourly feeds however gets their delicate tummies ready for solid food.

If you would like to help start building our stocks of weaning food, ROYAL CANIN MOTHER AND BABY CAT ULTRA SOFT MOUSSE this can be found on our Amazon wish-list (link below and on our Donate page) and at other outlets too.We really do appreciate your encouragement, kindness and support.