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COVID-19 Update

Here at BCWR we are taking the CORONAVIRUS global pandemic extremely seriously. We have become aware in the last few days that DEFRA has released a statement that animal rehoming centres can recommence the rehoming of their animals if this can be done safely.

Whilst we understand that many centres are bursting at the seams, we will NOT be rehoming our cats and kittens until the risks of this pandemic are much reduced and it is deemed safe to do so.

Our priorities right now are:

  • Looking after the cats in our care,the safety of our volunteers and that of our visitors and adopting a cat or kitten is not essential.
  • Effective adoptions can’t take place without having face to face contact. We pride ourselves in our adoption process and have a thorough process of getting to know families, making sure they are right and ready to adopt and this just couldn’t happen right now.
  • We hope you can understand and respect our decisions… and know that each and every cat in our rescue is is very much loved and looked after and their every need is being me

💚Stay at home
💙Protect the NHS