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Boudicca Update

It’s almost 2 years since our Warrior Princess BOUDICCA arrived with us on 21st June 2019
Boudiccas story broke so many hearts… including ours.

It is believed she spent over 2 months in a flat with her owner, whilst he laid deceased… the police made sure she was brought to us safely so we could offer her the appropriate care.

She has been through so much…

-Her owner died … the police believe back in April. She was stuck in the flat with him …. powerless to do anything except fight for survival in any way she could

  • Police entered her safe haven, no doubt making a lot of noise to gain entry. They did what they had to do then picked Boudi up and brought her here.
  • on arrival here she was barely concious and we whisked her up to our vets who set her intravenous fluid therapy up.
  • weeks later she has a setback and was fed at the rescue through nasogastric feeding tube for 3 weeks.
  • weighing just 1.2kg on arrival and now a whopping 6kg Boudi has made a miraculous recovery.
  • I spent 31 days and nights on the sofa next to Boudicca nursing her in our intensive care suite.
  • at last she is settled at the rescue getting all the love and attention that we can possibly give her.

Boudicca still may have complications in the future and for this reason lives in the home of BCWR and has lots of friends.

This is one of the saddest rescues we have ever been involved with.
I simply cannot imagine somebody, having nobody to miss them.
Boudicca’s story has left an imprint in our hearts forever.