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New arrival at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary on Christmas day

This is little Bow.

Bow is Beautiful however her situation makes me so flipping angry.

2 days ago as usual, I received a phonecall from a father, demanding the right to buy his 8 year old daughter a kitten.He begged and pleaded with me to allow him to a kitten for his daughter for Christmas.
Obviously I stuck to my guns, explaining the reasons why getting a kitten at this time of year was a bad idea and that I certainly wouldn’t relent to his request.

Fast forward 48 hours (Christmas Day) – same number, same person at his wits end! He picked up a kitten from another local rescue (cost him £150) and when his daughter opened the box she didn’t want the kitten and now wants a puppy instead. (I have tried educating the man and explained this is also a terrible idea)

The other rescue is now closed for Christmas and no doubt had a very merry day whilst I have had to sort this shizzle out!

The kitten has been shut in a cellar all day and was at risk of being thrown onto the streets tonight to fend for herself.

Beautiful Bow is absolutely traumatised but at least she is safe and loved.