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New Arrival: Aslan

New Arrival Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary.

Christmas would not be Christmas at the Sanctuary without an emergency admission.
This is “Little” Aslan. (his head is bigger than mine!!)

Aslan came to us due to extreme domestic circumstances which has saved two lives!!

Unfortunately for Aslan he has months of surgery and treatment ahead of him which will have to be carefully planned.

He has malformed eyes which if left untreated will cause great discomfort and pain.

Due to this Aslan will remain in the Sanctuary for the forseeable future therefore will not be considered for adoption.

Today we are launching an appeal towards Aslans Surgery fund.

We are expecting to total cost to be between £3-4.5k.

Could you donate just £1 towards Aslans Sight Saving fund this Christmas Eve?

All the ways you can are on our donate page 💚

Many thanks