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Busy Day at BCWR!

It’s been a busy day today at BCWR.
These 3 kitties have all arrived with us for very different reasons.
In these very difficult times we understand that people may struggle to look after their pets for a variety of reasons. Instead of abandoning, dumping or neglecting them try reaching out for help.
Whilst we might not be able to help our selves, immediately, we may be able to signpost to other organisations and add to our waiting list.
Pic 1. Is 8month old Alexis.
Pic 2. Is 12 week old Acorn.
Pic 3. Is 18month old Paddy.
They are all abandoned, neglected and unwanted by their original owner. Thankfully our team of Volunteer Foster Families have stepped in to help combat lock down loneliness, offer their home and heart to these kitties in need, until such time are that they can be rehomed.