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Butterbean Update.

Little Old Butterbean has been with us a couple of days now following possibly being attacked by an Akita .

Yesterday he had a full clinical examination and xrays and today we discussed the results in full.

Butterbean has a very bad spinal fracture consistant with being swung round viciously and repeatedly by his tail.

This injury has affected the nerves that supply the bladder and bowel, which means at the moment he is unable to pass stool and urine unaided and it is yet unclear if this is temporary or permanent damage.

If it is temporary damage we plan to amputate the tail in the future as it has no function whatsoever.

If the manager is permanent we must look at the quality of Butterbeans life and make the best possible and kindest decisions.

In the meantime BB is back at BCWR in our busy Pawspital and is currently on intravenous fluids, antibiotics and strong pain relief.