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🧡Lohan update.🧡

Little Lohan is just packing his hospital bag ready to to in for surgery.

He has been with us 4 days and has suffered an injury, most likely non accidental, resulting in a degloved chin… also known as an avulsed lower lip where the bone is exposed and infection had set in.

Prior to surgery he needed antibiotics and strong pain relief for a couple of days.

We will let you know how surgery goes later today.

: Update :

Lohan has been a brave boy today at the vets. He has had intricate surgery to repair his avulsed lip …. this means that in an incident the lip had seperated/ degloved from the chin.

As the lip had started to heal in the wrong position, the vet had to loosen the tissue that had started to form/ heal in the wrong place then pull it forward to restitch it in a more normal position connecting lip to gum line again using fine suture.

A few stitches were placed under his chin too to tack it into place.

Within 10 minutes of coming back to the rescue Lohan was stuffing his face with recovery mousse.

Now he has also just had his supper… his collar to protect his wound is safely back on and he is tucked up in bed fast asleep.