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Caramac and Caramel

Did you know one of the hardest things we do at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary is say no!?

Yesterday we received a phone call asking if we coukd take 2 bengals. Unfortunately we are full absolutely full and could not offer a safe space for 2 cats, let alone the fact they were unvaccinated. We sent them a comprehensive list of other rescues to try.

Within 40 mins whilst I was busy on our Critical Care Ward my neighbour rang me distressed.
She was just taking all her hounds out for a walk and found 2 cat carriers abandoned outside our gate, with a bengal in each.

Over the last 24 hours volunteers have sweat blood and tears to find a safe space within our rescue network.

Yes, we have good CCTV.
Yes, we know who the owners from the microchip.
But to who?
What would be done about it.
The powers the be have no interest in abandoned cats.

So despite the distress that Caramac and Caramel have been subject to whilst they were dumped outside the Sanctuary in unfamiliar surroundings we take comfort from the fact we know they are now safe.

We have been able to obtain clinical notes from their veterinary provider after a little detective work.

We feel that Caramac and Caramel are not particularly bonded and when they are ready to be rehomed they will not be rehomed together.

At this time they are not being considered for adoption.